Welcome to Season 2 of the Truthzilla Podcast. We were so honored to speak with Dr. Judy Mikovits, a research scientist and virologist holding a PHD in biochemistry and molecular biology from George Washington University with 40 years experience in the field. She exposed, with scientific data, the corruption behind the HIV epidemic and many others. She is an outspoken advocate for humanity with a wealth of knowledge and research under her belt, including over 50 peer-reviewed studies....She was featured in the viral film series Plandemic and has been hugely banned and across all media platforms and even been locked out of her own Wikipedia page. The author of 5 books,  Including Plague of Corruption, Plague, and with  her most recent to be released this summer, ENDING PLAGUE:  A scholar's obligation in an age of corruption. She has been on the front lines of exposing and educating humanity about the entirety of the collective psyop, called "Covid-19".

Please check out her work at:
www.DrJudyMikovits.com and www.PlandemicSeries.com


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