Welcome to another episode of Truthzilla!  We had such an amazing conversation with the incredibly knowledgable and talented Teace Snyder. Teace is a Film Producer, Actor, Director, Writer, Author, Artist and a masterful Editor who has ventured deep down the Rabbit Hole and uses his artistic talent to report back to us what he has found. We can't recommend his work enough, it is incredibly entertaining, informative and hilarious! Conspiracy Synergy takes dark and hard-to-swallow material and packages it in a more digestible way to hopefully break through the walls and reach the uninitiated. It is also full of Easter Eggs for those who are further down the path. Please follow and support Teace at the following links:

Homepage: https://teace.ca/

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OriginalClicheEntertainment

Twitter: https://twitter.com/teacesnyder

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